Chapter Two First Impression~NeuroScience

I chose the talk that about “Exploring the Mind of a Killer” because I find it highly interesting as to why people are the way that they are. I also watch many CSI and crime investigation shows that analyze why and how people become psychopaths and such. The talk spoke about how different injuries to the brain and the time period in which they occurred impact the way that you develop as a human. The scientist that was speaking analyzed several brains and how they were similar and or different. He found that there is a correlation between injuries in certain areas of the brain and behavior. He also found that there is a gene that is passed down on the X chromosome that carries the gene for violence. This gene is often found in males and therefore, more men turn out to be psychotic and serial killers. What I found most interesting in the video was that there is more than how you are raised that impacts a person’s personality, right down to their genes. I found this presenter trustworthy because he is a professor at the University of California and is a neuroscientist that is known around the world for his studies of the brain. Also, the reputation of TED talks is very god because they hire and broadcast videos and documents that are traditionally presented by those of quality work and study.
For myself personally, I would be interested in finding what the top causes of injury to the brain is that causes someone to become a psychopathic killer. I would conduct this research by taking all the known psychopathic killers and taking a scan of their brain and looking at their health record and getting information from family about the life and major psychosocial events in the psychotic person’s life. Then I would take all the information that I was given and compare it. The other way that I could possibly do an experiment for this question is by taking children who carry the gene for violence and watching them grow and develop into adulthood. I could also then watch for psychotic tendencies and see if there was a correlation.



One thought on “Chapter Two First Impression~NeuroScience”

  1. Hello! I enjoyed reading your post about a different topic from the one which I chose. The fact that injuries in a part of the brain impacts on behavior, and the gene for violence is often founded in males is interesting. It also interesting idea that men tend to be psychotic and serial killers because of this gene through neuroscience. I think you have good operational definitions that what damages on the brain are most strong causes to make someone to be psychopathic killers. Your method of choosing participants would be a sample which picks known psychopathic killers and asks participations to their families. In this case, a positive point of this research is that you will be able to get trustworthy data from actual murders. On the other hand, the weaknesses are it is difficult to get agree to participate in this study from killers if there is no past data. In addition, their families may be negative to agree with us to give information. That will occur the unethical problem. Therefore, the idea that children’s data is used mainly is beneficial. It must make interesting results!


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