Chapter 7: First Impression Post Option 2

I believe violent video games are beneficial to an extent. The violence in video games allows for an expression of anger so the people who play the games do not show the physical violence. Violent video games are a way for those with anger issues to release this said anger and relax. These games also often require lots of problem-solving skills and team work and many citizens who play these games can benefit from the improvement of these skills. I do not however, agree with the amount of guts and gore of the video games. I believe the graphicness of the games is not needed and only adds a gruesomeness to the game. Also, I do not think that children of any age should be allowed to play these games because they can be influenced by the amount of violence.

I do not believe violent video games should be allowed to be permanently banned. This is a civil right to play these games and the government should not be allowed to take that away. I personally do not play violent video games; however, they are often a crucial part of many teenagers lives along with adults. The games are often interactive between other people from different countries and cities and towns and helps to foster interact that could otherwise never happen. For people who are self-conscious and shy around others face to face, the violent video games often provide an option for interaction between those who are not as comfortable with face to face interaction.


One thought on “Chapter 7: First Impression Post Option 2”

  1. Hi Taylor! I think the standpoint you have is super interesting and very complex. I value your ability to see the pros as well as the cons to violent video games, yet to still not believe in a permanent ban just because of things you don’t like about them. You mention that playing these games are often an influential experience in a child’s life, and I would agree with that, since many children use these games as socialization. I am confused, however, how you state that you “do not think that children of any age should be allowed to play these games because they can be influenced by the amount of violence” but then following that state they should not be banned because it “is a civil right to play these games.” I appreciate the many standpoints you are viewing this topic from and the complexity and depth you view it with, but I am not sure exactly which side you would identify yourself with.


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