Chapter 3 First Impression Post: Option 1

Imagine having cancer and not being able to eat because you feel no form of hunger. Medical marijuana is often used in cancer patients for this reason. My cousin had AML Leukemia and because of her chemo, she did not feel hungry and her stomach was always upset. Her doctor prescribed her medical marijuana that did not have any of the addictive qualities but had the substance that provides the feeling of the munchies. The use of the marijuana helped her to maintain a healthy weight through out the cancer process as well as have the drive to eat. This is a benefit of medical marijuana. On the other hand, I can see the negatives that are associated with the use of medical marijuana. Some negatives might be that doctors will prescribe medical marijuana to patients that do not actually need the prescription. This could be an issue because people who do not need the drug might abuse it and in the long run have more health problems than what they originally had.
I do not agree with the use of marijuana for recreational use. I believe that marijuana is a gateway drug that once it is used makes your body more reliant on other substances to feel a certain way. For example, if you use marijuana you might not get the same high and then since the marijuana is not giving you the feeling that you want, you will adventure bigger and stronger drugs. On the other hand, I can see the positives for legalizing recreational marijuana. It is beneficial because the current amount of money that is invested into the us prison system is wasted on those with charges for dealing marijuana and minor offenses like this.
In my opinion I believe that medical use of marijuana should be legal but recreational use of marijuana should not be legal because of the reasons listed above.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 3 First Impression Post: Option 1”

  1. I’m happy to hear that you cousin recovered from cancer. It sounded like the medical marijuana treatment the doctors prescribed her worked well in its purpose. Though I would have to disagree with your statement about the negative effects of marijuana causing more health problems. Since many medicines also have serious side effects that can cause health problems more serious than the side effects of marijuana. Also, medical marijuana is recommended to be taken through medical inhalers in order to eliminate the damage of smoking has on the lungs. The long-term effects of marijuana use are anxiety, depression, addiction, and the disruption of memory formation. Some negative long-term side effects of marijuana have on the brain are still debated in the research community. So compared to the laundry risk of side effects caused by some other medicines, I feel that medical marijuana is not harmful enough to ban.

    When it comes to recreational marijuana use I agree that marijuana can be used as a gateway drug but I feel like this happens more because of peer pressure. Since the people are influenced to use drugs by their social group. So if a person who smokes marijuana knows other users they are likely to meet more people who also use marijuana and maybe even heavier drugs. This creates a network of heavier drug users over time which increases the influence to start using other drugs. Though you are correct that tolerance is a danger with drugs but marijuana tolerance works differently than other drugs. Since marijuana effects can last up to two weeks, regular users can achieve the same high as before without taking more drugs. Though eventually, the user would have to use more drugs to reach the same high.


  2. Hello Taylor,

    I agree that medical marijuana can help a lot of people because it can reduce pain and can help reduce symptoms in patients. Also, I understand your points when you discuss the use of marijuana to the public, since it has some cons to it. If someone is using marijuana for a long time, there are certain unpleasant long-term effects. Marijuana is a special drug because it can be classified as a depressant, stimulant, and hallucinogen. Each of these classes of drugs come with their own symptoms and effects that harm a person’s body. As a depressant it can affect motor activities, ability to make good judgement, and lower concentration. As a stimulant, if used in high doses, it can cause a heart attack, seizures, and this may also lead to death. As a hallucinogen the symptoms can be harder to predict because everyone experiences them differently; however, in the long term you may experience flashbacks which can cause issues in a person’s life. There are pros and cons to marijuana; however, I loved your post and that you were able to support your stance while also acknowledging the pros.


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