First Impression Post: Chapter 9

Option 1:  Through out high school, I experienced the lot of good teachers along with the awful ones.  One on the things that has made a huge impact on my education was one teacher who said everything was so easy.  Everything that we learned, no matter the difficulty, he always said this is so easy.  I found this extremely discouraging especially when I was struggling with the topic.  Teachers often down play the level of difficulty in a subject and this is often very discouraging to students who are struggling with the material.

One of the best teachers that I have ever had was open to all questions and was constructive in his comments.  When you would ask a question, he would not make a face complaining about the fact that you asked a question.  He would answer the question to the best of his ability and would make sure that you genuinely understood what was happening.  This is what teachers need to change to.  They need to not seem like they are being bothered by the fact that students have questions about the material.  Their job is to teach these students to the best of their ability and in order for students to understand material, they must ask questions.

One benefit that I have gained from my high school experience that lots of other students might not have experienced is the pressure to succeed and to be the best student that you can be before the best athlete or club member.  My school put a large emphasis on the importance of education and good grades.  In my school we were considered student athletes with an emphasis on student being first.  School and academics always came first.  More schools I believe should focus on this idea more because many times it seems like the school is more interested in being the best in football or soccer or basketball and not what is truly important, academics.

This is my view point on how the academic system should change based off of my own personal experiences.





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