First Impression Post: Chapter 13

Before taking all four personality tests, I would describe myself as being an organized and outgoing person who overall enjoys the presence of others and strives to make an impacts on other’s lives.  After taking the first personality test, I received the score of ESFJ.  These letters represent extravert, sensing, feeling, and judging.  I agree with this test because I do classify myself as being an extrovert and outgoing.  I also agree with the idea of sensing because I often make decisions based off of how I feel, rather than based solely on intuition.  I am feeling also, because I feel many emotions in situations rather than thinking about the situation.  Finally, I am judging because I am not very go with the flow and I make decisions based off of knowledge and facts.  I found this test reliable because it was based off of a famous personality test that is used by many psychologists.

The second personality test that I took, I scored ESTJ.  I find this interesting be it was very similar to the same results as the first personality test that I took.  The only difference is that instead of feeling, I got the score for thinking.  I think that the results were different because the working of the questions in this personality test were worded in a less confusing manner.  I feel that this test was more reliable because the website was more professional and seemed more scientifically based in the format. There were not ads or banners that would pop up while I was taking the test, unlike all the other tests.

The third personality test that I took, I do not agree completely with the score I received.  This is because I received a higher score for intellect than I did for extroversion.  I always have thought that I am more of a people person rather than an intellectual person. I did not find this test very reliable because there were lots of ads on the screen and it was not very scientific when presenting the results.

The final personality test that I took, I found highly unreliable. When the results were presented, there was improper grammar used and the sentences were not capitalized. I did not agree with these results what-so-ever.  The results that I received were the total opposite of all the results I received from the other tests.

Taking these tests were very interesting and identifying the reliability of these tests was entertaining.



One thought on “First Impression Post: Chapter 13”

  1. Hello Taylor,

    Your personality is your unique characteristics and relatively consistent patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. It would not surprise me that your results from the tests were very similar to one another because your personality is you across the board. Your traits will be relatively stable for you to behave a certain way, and it was shown to be true from these tests. Extraversion is your ability to be outgoing and getting energy from being around people. These tests seem to follow the same structure as the Myers-Briggs Type Index. It would fall into the category of a self-report questionnaire to measure your personality because you are answering questions about yourself. It takes your interests, your feelings, and thoughts about how you see yourself and what you like to do or how things make you feel. Unfortunately, this means that the test has low validity because it is easy to manipulate it to say what you want it to say. If you think you are extroverted, you would be able to pick the questions that will make it come up with that result. I really enjoyed your post!


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