First Impression Prompt: Chapter 12

I chose option one.  This was interesting because I took the IAP tests.  I took the gender-science test and the race test.  While taking these tests you are required to look at different words or pictures that flash rapidly on the screen.  You are assigned a topic for two keys on the keyboard and must click that key if the word or image that pops up fits into that category.  This was very challenging because you are told to do this as rapidly as you can.  Because I was trying to do it so rapidly, I often made slight mistakes when it came to remembering which key was for which category.


I expected to receive different results than what I did, however, the results that I did receive were not that far off of how I expected I would do.  For example, in the race test, it said I had a moderate automatic response to African American and good compared to European American and good.  I expected these two responses to be equal.  What this really means is that I associated good words and thoughts more often with African American images than with European American images.  This was surprising because I never thought I would favor one race over the other at any point in time.  The results I got for gender-science was that I had a moderate automatic association for males with science over females with science.  This was not that surprising because I generally associate males with science more that I would with liberal arts.  I usually view females as being more liberal arts based.


These tests are beneficial for colleges and employment because it gives a insight to how people might respond to certain genders or races, depending on the situation that they are in.  This also allows for the college and employment an opportunity to provide workshops and resources to cut back on these stigmas.



2 thoughts on “First Impression Prompt: Chapter 12”

  1. Hi Taylor,
    Although I did not do a first impression post on chapter 12, I still took two of the IAP tests out of my own curiosity. I also found myself making small mistakes due to remembering the keys and the pressure to be working quick. The two IAP tests I chose to take were the sexuality test and the weight test. I also agree with you that although I was expecting different results, the one’s I got were not far off from the truth.

    Ingroup bias is the tendency to favor our own group which we associate ourselves with. I think the way the test is set up and directs you to which categories are previously grouped together, it eliminates this ingroup bias.

    I agree with you that these tests are beneficial for colleges and employers and that they serve as a good opportunity for workshops and resources against stigmas.
    I enjoyed reading your post!


  2. Taylor, I also wrote about this option on my blog. It is fascinating to look at how many different tests there are available online and what they can inform us about ourselves. I never thought about what gender I related more with science, but I think my results would be similar to your’s. In life, we generally do not decide what different concepts are associated with one another.
    Due to the attribution theory, sometimes without realizing we explain someone’s behavior by crediting either the situation or the person’s disposition. This theory was most likely relevant when taking the IAT. Another theory we learned was the fundamental attribution error, where observers have the tendency to look at other’s behaviors and underestimate the impact of the situation while overestimating the impact of the person’s nature. An example of this theory would be categorizing someone as shy from one encounter, but in reality they are very outgoing. This is everywhere in today’s society and it is so easy to do. While taking the IAT, I found myself clicking a key quicker than the other depending on what was being associated. The results do actually make sense, and our unconscious mind is making us susceptible to categorizing one gender with science.
    I agree, these tests could be beneficial when looking at a college or occupation. Talking the IAT gives insight on the type of person someone is and how they may react in different circumstances. Overall, great job!


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