First Impression Prompt: Thanksgiving Break

Option 2: I originally chose to come to Elizabethtown because of the people.  Everyone on this campus was warm and kind when I arrived and I ultimately felt like I fit in.  I also chose this school because it had a very good program for my major.  Being an Occupational Therapy major, there were not many colleges that offered a 5 year masters program.  On top of the fact that they offered a 5 year masters program, they are one the best in the state.  They have one of the highest board passage rates of the schools that I was looking at and that also helped me to decide on Elizabethtown.


Throughout my education, I have not had a hard time motivating myself to complete my work, however, being act college there has been a slight challenge now that I do not have anyone telling me to do my homework.  I have motivated myself to do my work by giving myself goals.  These goals include getting a paper done by a certain time during the day so the rest of the day I can relax.  Other ways I motivate myself is by saying once you get your work done, you can watch Netflix or go to a club meeting or hang out with friends.  These tactics seem to work the best for me because I overall enjoy spending time with others and that is a treat for me.  I also have been motivated by my roommate because when she knows I am not feeling motivated or I am stressed, she leaves me little sticky notes with words of encouragement and positivity.


These are the ways that I have motivated myself to stay on top of my work and why I have chosen to come to Elizabethtown to study.



2 thoughts on “First Impression Prompt: Thanksgiving Break”

  1. I also chose Etown because when I came here, each time I felt welcomed. Even professors whom I had never met before in person knew my name, and that made me feel even more welcomed. I agree with your statement ” I also chose this school because it had a very good program for my major.” Etown has a very good music therapy program. We also have an amazing staff for the music therapy department. While in high school, I would sometimes have a hard time motivating myself, and I would often procrastinate. Ever since I got to college, I’ve learned that you can’t procrastinate, because if you do, you’ll get so behind so quickly. To motivate myself, I normally write out a list of “to-do” things, and then underline the things that I want to get done that day. Normally it’s about three or four things. I make it a point to get those things done, and when I do, I have a feeling of accomplishment. When talking about motivation, you can often talk about one of the three components, which is cognitive. This is what goes through your head. If you don’t feel like doing something, that goes through your head, but then you motivate yourself to do something, so you no longer feel like you don’t want to do it. Overall, motivation is what helps me to get certain tasks done 🙂


  2. When starting my college search I was looking at big state schools. I wanted to go to a school that had huge sports teams and a good atmosphere, but I received an email from the coach here at Elizabethtown and decided to come for a visit. I instantly fell in love with the campus and the people that I met. I too was drawn to the warm and inviting atmosphere that Etown provides. In addition, I chose Etown because of the good professors in my major. In high school I went through all of my classes with little effort. For me, high School was the easiest four years of my life. I never had homework because I finished it during class. I never studied for testes because I didn’t need to. Coming to college was a big adjustment. I know had to study and do homework for at least 4 hours a night. This was a big shock to me but I knew I had to step up to the challenge. I had to find the motivation in myself. I made rules for myself. If I wanted to go hangout with friends I needed to finish my notes. I I wanted to take a nap I needed to study for half an hour. I needed to develop stronger studying habits because looking over my notes the night before the exam wasn’t going to cut it anymore.


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